Top 5 Career Paths to Explore After NEET

Top 5 Career Paths to Explore After NEET

Medicine is one of the noblest pursuits of humankind. It is not surprising that irrespective of the years of hardship and effort it demands, a career in medicine is something many people aspire for. In India, a student would have to clear the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) to pursue a course in medicine. There are multiple career options after NEET, other than being a doctor, that any medicine aspirant can pursue. Here we list out the different career options available for those who have cleared NEET:

1. Doctor (through MBBS)

Through NEET, you can achieve your dream of becoming a doctor after completing an MBBS degree in your desired field of specialisation. You can start your career as a doctor in either government or public hospitals. Although the competition is stiff and an MBBS degree is hard-earned, it will be worth all the effort once you complete your degree. Doctors are paid a handsome salary and are highly respected citizens in our society.

Roles and responsibilities

(i) Diagnose, educate, and treat patients to ensure they receive the best care possible.

(ii) Perform diagnostic tests, refer patients to specialists, document patients’ medical histories, and educate patients

(iii) Administer vaccines and other treatments 

(iv) Create a care plan for a patient

(v) Take part in further education opportunities

2. Dentist (through BDS)

Those who are interested in becoming a dentist can pursue BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) through NEET. After completing BDS, you can either work at a hospital in the dentistry department or can set up a dental clinic to start your own practice. Contrary to popular beliefs, a dentist can earn a good amount of money.

Roles and responsibilities

(i) Diagnosing and treating problems concerning the patient’s teeth and gums.

(ii) Provide regular checkups and cleanings.

(iii) Perform detailed procedures like root canals or installing braces.

(iv) Complete x-rays in the office and evaluations for more extensive orthodontic procedures.

3. BAMS 

Another career option after NEET would be becoming an Ayurveda doctor after clearing the BAMS course. The BAMS course aims at providing well-rounded and holistic learning for healing through Ayurveda. Once completed, a person can practice as an Ayurvedic physician or an Ayurvedic surgeon.

Roles and responsibilities

(i) Conducting screening and diagnostic tests to reveal health issues.

(ii) Calming anxious and distressed patients.

(iii) Informing patients about the functions of each treatment.

(iv) Referring patients to licensed Ayurvedic Doctors, as required.

4. Nutritionist

The rise in lifestyle diseases, health consciousness, and the drive to pursue an active lifestyle has made people aware of the importance of food and nutrition. There is a growing demand for specialized nutritionists in the country who can help you fight the sedentary lifestyle and its associated illnesses. As a nutritionist, you can work in independent practice, be a sports nutritionist for any sports person or team, write research papers or even work in the food production industry.

Roles and responsibilities

(ii) Advising and presenting a balanced nutritional strategy.

(iii) Discussing and advising on weight-management plans.

(iv) Assisting clients with nutritional goals and offering a sound nutritional plan for optimizing health.

(iv) Developing improved food processing, storage, and transportation methods.

5. Pharmacy

As one of the world’s largest drug manufacturing countries, India has a huge market for druggists and pharmacists. To make a career as a pharmacist, you need to take the NEET exam and get a good rank. Then take admission into B.Pharm course in any reputed college. After you get your degree, you can join as a pharmacist in any hospital. Moreover, you can also become a drug researcher after clearing PG/NET.

Roles and responsibilities

(i) Examining and carrying out physician’s orders to ensure their appropriateness and legality.

(ii) efficiently organizing the pharmacy to make product identification easier and faster.

(iii) Maintaining complete control over the delivery, stocking, and labeling of pharmaceuticals and other products.

Career options after NEET need not be restricted to one or two options. A lot of career opportunities await you in the field of medicine based on your vocation and interests. You can achieve your dream career in the field of medicine. Talk to us to know more 

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