PU/+2+CA Foundation(CEBA/HEBA)

Commerce (CEBA)
Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy (CEBA)
Duration : 2 Years

Falcon is one of the reputed colleges in Bangalore with an outstanding reputation for educational excellence over the past two decades.The Shaheen Falcon offers pre-degree courses which equip students with the right pre-university education and enables them to choose the appropriate course for further university level studies.

The CEBA course comprising of Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies and Accounting is a pre-university course becoming very popular among students. With a combination of commerce subjects and computers, the course offers better options for higher studies with good career prospects.

History, Economics, Business studies, Accountancy
Duration : 2 Years

The Pre-University Course is of two academic years and full time program. The program is aimed at providing education for higher studies and pursue their field of study for their life. This course stream in Commerce includes the study subjects of History, Economics, Business Studies and Accountancy. The students are exposed to the basic foundation in the subjects and builds confidence in them to enter into professional courses such as chartered accountancy, MBA and M.Com.

CA Foundation
The program develops strong analytical skills and thinking abilities to make choices for their study course. Along with the regular course they are given additional opportunities to take up competitive examination such as common law aptitude test and common proficiency test. The training helps students to equip with skills required for further growth.

PUC Commerce Plus courses is designed to focus on fundamentals in core area of commerce, which is not only helps students to excel in their PUC exam but also to create a strong foundation to prepare for professional course entrances like CA - CPT. Falcon is providing PUC/+2 with CA foundation. The CA (Chartered Accountant) is one of the respectful and challenging career fields. CA is a good option for higher education in India.After the completion of this course you can go for the works as auditing, cost accounting, tax management, management accounting, consultancy and financial works in an industry.

Personality Development

Cultivate self-confidence and a positive self-image with Falcon Institutions' Personality Development Program, a comprehensive initiative designed to shape individuals into confident and empowered leaders. Through targeted confidence-building exercises, participants embark on a transformative journey, overcoming self-doubt and developing the poise necessary to navigate diverse social and professional situations with grace and assurance.

In addition to confidence cultivation, our program places a strong emphasis on the development of emotional intelligence. Participants delve into a deeper understanding of themselves and others, fostering enhanced self-awareness. Mastery of emotional intelligence equips individuals with the skills to not only manage their emotions effectively but also navigate conflicts with tact and empathy. The program's holistic approach extends to building meaningful relationships, a cornerstone of personal and professional success.

Skill Development

At Falcon Institutions, we go beyond conventional education, embracing a holistic approach to skill development that spans a diverse spectrum. Our commitment is to empower individuals with a comprehensive skill set, blending theory seamlessly with practical, hands-on learning experiences.

In our Skill Development Program, you won't just acquire skills; you'll cultivate expertise recognized and highly valued by employers in today's dynamic job market. The program is meticulously crafted to address the evolving needs of industries, ensuring that you not only meet but exceed the expectations of the professional world.