Falcon Group of Institutions is one of the premier group of Institutions providing Quality Coaching for NEET & IIT JEE Integrated with PU Education in Karnataka.With producing results being the single focus, Shaheen's Falcon Group has successfully produced 1000+ doctors and more than 10000+ Engineers in its 25 plus years of existence.

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  • The institution is having a tremendous impact, I can see the difference in my daughter. The teachers are very determined & experienced.

    Mrs. Farzana Jabbar Khan Mother Of Iyanan
  • I was searching for college which gives equal importance to PUC board and CET. I found SHAHEEN PU College in Bengaluru.

    Dr. Mohammed Akram Rahmani Father of Mohammed Anas Rahmani
  • The driving factor for my son's admission has been the fact that SHAHEEN takes care all the academic needs of students, In-house personal attention, Study Hours and mentoring ensures no separate tuition required – its huge savings of Time & Money.

    Shaik Abdul Wahab Father Of Shaik Jameel
  • I see my daughter’s future is secure under the warm and able hands of SHAHEEN.

    Mr. Samiullah Shariff Father Of Syeda Sadia Kousar
  • I am the proud father of the first admitted student in Bengaluru center, It’s the quality of Persistent Hard work which SHAHEEN has been successfully able to inculcate among the students.

    Md Khaliq Father Of Rashiqa Mariam
  • I have seen many youngsters going astray in the sensitive adolescent ages at the so-called Free modern culture colleges of Bengaluru. Thanks to SHAHEEN for I rest assured about my ward in the SHAHEEN culture.

    Mohammed Ziauddin, Naib Imam K Father Of Hassan Zia
  • I always wanted my son to pursue PUC course at top-notch PU college with Islamic environment, my search ended here.

    Dr. Arshad Ullah Baig Father Of Shariq Baig
  • It’s the results of SHAHEEN which motivated me to put my son Owais Khan in I PUC without any second thoughts.

    Nausheer Ahmed Khan Musa Electricals
  • Periodic Testing and Foundation classes set apart SHAHEEN from other institutions.

    Mohammed Ibrahim, Kuwait Father Of Ibrahim Mohammed
  • Relocating to India after 8 years in KSA was no easy, but it was the dream of my daughter to become a Doctor like ourselves motivated us to enroll her in FALCON.
    Dr.Mohammad Shafeeq & Dr.Kausa (Parents of Hasiba Kulsum)
  • There is hardly any college other than FALCON in Bengaluru which gives real importance for KCET preparation.
    Sayeeda Thaseen (Mother Of Mohammed Saad)
  • I now understand SHAHEEN success formula, HARD WORK + CONSISTENCY = SUCCESS.

    Mohammed Hammadulla Khan 1st PUC
  • This is the college in which students can totally stay away from distractions. It provides an Islamic environment and molding the students in the right way.

    Taher Hassan 1st PUC
  • There were two routes in my life and I took the unconventional one – SHAHEEN, I am thankful to Almighty for the right decision I made.

    Mashuda Fatima 1st PUC
  • The constant motivation in SHAHEEN inspires me a lot.

    Mohammed Sharif Abdul Wahab 1st PUC
  • Students utilizing 14hrs in a day, it’s the right competitive atmosphere, I like this institution.

    Imaad Uwaiz 1st PUC
  • Shaheen Has Astonishing Effect Ensuring Nobility.

    Aakifa 1st PUC
  • This institution imbibes the student to be dedicated, hardworking, success-holic and also to hold fast unto the religion.

    Juvairiya Fatima 1st PUC
  • Every minute of our life is precious, SHAHEEN truly realizes it.
    Tahera Shereen 1st PUC
  • To get the greatest mileage on your dreams, join SHAHEEN.
    Syeda Saniya 1st PUC
  • If you want to achieve your K-CET dreams, Shaheen is definitely an excellent choice. It is a blend of quality education and Islamic environment.
    Hasiba Kulsum 1st PUC
  • Shaheen gives equal chance to toppers and also weak students, they provide special foundation classes and pay importance to weak students to improve in studies. I am very proud to be a Shaheenite.
    Hamira Kulsum 1st PUC
  • The whole purpose of SHAHEEN is to turn mirrors into windows.
    Syeda Javairiya Afreen 1st PUC
  • The focus of teaching here is on conceptual understanding and not just syllabus completion.
    Huda Fatima 1st PUC
  • The focus of teaching here is on conceptual understanding and not just syllabus completion.
    Huda Fatima (1st PUC)
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