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World Brain Tumor Day 2022: It is observed on June 8 to spread awareness and educate people about brain tumors.

 Every year to educate and create awareness among the public about brain tumors, World Brain Tumor Day is observed on June 8. Brain Tumor happens when there is a mass growth of abnormal cells in the brain and it can be both cancerous and noncancerous. In 2022, the theme of World Tumor Day is ‘Together We Are Stronger. According to the National Health Portal, every day worldwide more than 500 new cases are diagnosed with a brain tumor.


What is brain tumor?

A brain tumor is an uncontrolled growth of brain cells. Often, tumor growth does not necessarily mean cancer. Symptoms also depend on which part of the brain the tumor is located in. The main symptom of a tumor is a severe headache. This intermittent headache may be felt focusing on the tumor site.


World Brain Tumor Day: Theme

The theme for World Brain Tumor Day 2022 is “Together We Are Stronger.”


History of World Brain Tumor Day

Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe declared World Brain Tumor Day in 2000 as an international commemoration day. World Brain Tumor Day is now celebrated annually on 8 June as a tribute to all brain tumor patients and their families.


Causes of Brain Tumour:

An individual can suffer from a brain tumor at any age. However, the exact reason for causing brain tumors is not clear yet. It is believed that a brain tumor is caused by exposure to radiation for a long period of time. Moreover, various gadgets like mobile phones are also believed to be a cause of brain tumors. These things are not proven yet, but the research is still going on.



*Severe headache


*Visual impairment


*Weakness of limbs

*Memory loss


World Brain Tumor Day: Significance

World Brain Tumor Day is observed with an aim to create general awareness about the menace of brain tumors. The idea is to create an inclusive setup with politicians, businessmen, and medical and research institutions stepping in to fund and develop research work in finding effective treatments for brain tumors.

The day also focuses to highlight the common symptoms of brain tumors that could allow early diagnosis of the disease. People are made aware of important facts about brain tumour through different campaigns, events and discussions around the subject. Some awareness campaigns also raise funds in order to assist patients who are struggling to pay for the treatment of brain tumour.


Frequently asked questions 

1 Which day is annually celebrated as World Brain Tumor Day?

Every year the 8th of June is celebrated as World Brain Tumor Day.

2. What day is Brain Cancer Awareness Day? 

Brain Cancer Awareness Day is observed on May 27 in Brain Cancer Awareness Month.

3. What is the symbol for a brain tumor?

Wearing the grey ribbon is  the symbol of brain cancer


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