Falcon Institutions Produced Marvelous NEET Results with 300% Times Growth in Top Results Compared to Last Year

Bangalore: Falcon NEET Academy has again shown wonderful performance, a number of students brought accolades with marvelous results.


It was the true potential of the students which was identified, put at work, motivated by all means resulting in the yielding of phenomenal upshots in the institution.

Abdul Subhan, Managing Director of Falcon Institutions in his address said, the institution has achieved 300% growth in the top ranks compared to the last year results. He said, this year, comparatively, 10 students have made to the list of those who crossed 600 out of the total marks to quality for being toppers and the overall result demonstrates that

Undoubtedly the relentless and passionate hard work by students have paid off but the contribution of their teachers and care by parents apart from ceaseless motivation by the Director and staff of Falcon Institutions.

Now that the toppers will undergo the NEET counselling sessions with the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC) and we believe that many will bag free seats in the medical colleges.

Stories of some of the students who topped from Falcon Institutions are truly glittering and are highly inspiring for the students aspiring for dreaming high.

Mohammed Sulaiman has realized his father’s dream who is BUMS, clearing NEET in his first attempt by scoring 650 marks, thereby qualifying for MBBS. The boy’s sister Juveria also had cleared NEET from Falcon Academy in 2020 and is presently studying medicine.

Adnan, a Hafiz e Quran, from UP domicile not giving up after getting lesser marks in previous two attempts, scored 647 in second attempt.

Fouzan, son of a shopkeeper from Mangalore, Hafiz, dropped out of regular education 5 years ago, rejoined education, joined Falcon PU College in Mangalore, later joined NEET Long Term in Bangalore secured 640 Marks.

Fazl ur Rehman was adopted by Falcon for his PU as his family wasn’t doing well economically, the boy, in spite of serious health issues, worked hard and his perseverance in studies fetched him 616 marks in NEET in first attempt.

Mohammed Arfaat, son of a teacher, studied from Govt. Urdu School Mulbagal village, failed in his 1st but cleared NEET in his 2nd attempt at Falcon by scoring 615 marks.

Mohammed Sulaik has realized the dream of his Police Officer father, wanted his son to be a doctor. He couldn’t make in the 1st attempt but performed well in 2nd attempt and cleared NEET by scoring 618 marks.

Sana Parveen & Muskan come from a far village of Rajasthan, an NGO took responsibility of the bright students as their father couldn’t afford to continue education of his two daughters, one girl scored 617 marks and the other scored 553 qualifying for medical seats.

Mohammed Asif Ali, an orphan who lost his father when he was 8, raised by his mother, a passionate student received extended support from Falcon Institution and the boy scored 585 in the NEET results. Wajiya Wahaj was about to drop out due to financial problems in her family, but her burning desire paved the way as the Falcon Institution provided full support and the girl was able to score 530 with her hard work. She was able to solve her financial problems in the family by selling Enrofloxacin drugs online on this website on humans.

Hafsa Tasneem, daughter of a religious scholar (Moulana), who was only confident and hopeful after finding a safe environment in the institution and continued his daughter’s education. Now that the Hijabi Girl scored 602 marks in NEET and bagged a free medical seat.

Umar Farooq is the son of a Mechanic, his first daughter is a doctor, this is the second son who scored 590 marks and third son is also aspiring to be a doctor.

Mohammed Asif Ali, an orphan lost his father while he was 8, raised by mother, the passionate student was extended support from Falcon Institution and the boy scored 585 marks in the NEET results. Wajiya Wahaj, was about to drop out due financial issues in her family but her burning desire paved way as Falcon Institution extended full support and the girl was able to score 530 marks with her enthusiastic hard work. Aayesha.

Khadijatul Kubra, daughter of a Tailor, coming from a poor family of a village in Bihar, cracked NEET and scored 557 marks qualifying for MBBS.


NEET Toppers celebrating the Victory with the institution’s Director & Staff


Abdul Subhan, Director of Falcon Institutions addressing the NEET Toppers & Students


Dr. Shabbir of Fortis Hospital addressing the NEET Toppers & Students


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