Are you in search of  PU College in Bangalore with Hostel facilities?

Here, Shaheen PU College is one of the Top PU Colleges In Bangalore with hostel facilities. We have one of the best separate hostel facilities for girls and boys with delicious and nutritious food and with a clean environment. Our caretakers are experienced people who will take care of children’s needs and will have strict monitoring of their life. Our caretakers will take care and guide them as mentors round the clock and help them when they are in need.

Shaheen’s falcon PU College in Bengaluru has a magnificently designed hostel for girls and boys with all necessary amenities for boarding and other recreational activities. The hostel has its own Canteen to provide healthy and hygienic food to the students. The Canteen is maintained on a co-operative basis.

PU College with Hostel facility In Bangalore:

PU College with Hostel facility In Bangalore:

Shaheen as the Best PU College with hostel facilities provides accommodation to the outstation students. The hostels are situated within the campus. There are separate hostels for boys and girls. The general menu is decided by the hostel representatives. A special menu is made for all important festivals. Food hygiene is well maintained. There is a recreation hall that has a television, a gym, and a visitor’s lounge. The campus is wifi enabled.

Our college hostel has a capacity for the accommodation of 90 students. Students who wish to stay in the college hostel are accommodated on a 2, 3, 4 sharing basis. They are looked after under the care of an experienced house warden who is accessible and caters to their needs. To ensure that the students left in our care by their parents are kept occupied in healthy activities, the hostel has provided recreational facilities so that the students may involve themselves in sports and games.

PU College with Hostel facility In Bangalore:

Hostel facilities

  1. Furnished Rooms and attached bathroom
  2. strict discipline is maintained 24 hrs. Security and House-keeping facility available
  3. Necessary amenities, furniture, and accessories provided for each room
  4. 24 hours Hot water and Electricity facility available


  1. 24 hrs security for all the Resident blocks
  2. Women Security in girl’s residence
  3. Wardens in each block
  4. Floor Wardens on each floor

General Rules and Conditions

  1. At the time of admission, a resident will have to give an undertaking that he/she will abide by the rules & regulations of the Hostel as framed from time to time. This undertaking will have to be countersigned by the guardian/parent of the resident.
  2. Residents will be responsible for the care and maintenance of the furniture and fittings provided to them at the time of admission. Residents will have to return the allotted furniture in good condition.
  3. No resident will be allowed to use electrical appliances such as heaters, immersion rods, etc and anyone found using such appliances will be liable for disciplinary action, including a fine and cancellation of his/her seat in the Hostel.
  4. Residents must maintain proper decorum in the Hostel. They are required to behave properly with members of the service staff, and their fellow residents. They must maintain silence in the corridors, and return to their rooms by 7.30 pm. During the first term roll call for residents will be held at 7:45 pm.
  5. Residents are expected to keep their rooms, bathrooms, and their surroundings tidy. They are not to disfigure the walls. They are accountable for any misuse of loss of the Hostel’s property.

Admission Criteria

Admission to the Hostel is granted on the basis of academic merit and interview. Only undergraduate male students, who secured admission to the College, are eligible to apply for Hostel accommodation provided their parents are not residing in Bangalore or its neighborhood. Admission to the Hostel cannot be claimed as a matter of right by any student admitted to the College or even by those who have been residents in the preceding years. All admissions to the Hostel are considered afresh. The residents also have to apply for readmission every year and a resident student has to go through all requirements applicable to a new admission. Under no circumstances a student is allowed to stay for more than three years of degree courses in the Hostel.

Shaheen provides Indoor and outdoor facilities for games and sports that are made available for those students who are interested in sports. A healthy and hygienic environment is maintained so that the hostellers enjoy their stay in the institution. In the event that a student is ill and is in need of medical attention, they are immediately referred to the Hospital.

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