PU College For NRI Facilities

The Shaheen PU College is one of the best PU Colleges with NRI Facilities. It is located in the heart of the city with the best environment and with all facilities in the college. The parents who are staying out of India want their child to study here and build their career, even though they might be searching for a good college with NRI facilities for their child. The solution to all their problems and questions gets solved when they get their children admission to the Shaheen PU College for NRI Facilities.

Shaheen in Persian means “royal white falcon”. We want our students to fly like a falcon, target their dreams and achieve it. To do this Shaheen helps the students to reach their goals with good marks. The motto of our college is that we don’t just train our students in scoring high marks, we help in growing their overall personality development. Our college has the best coaching in the PU syllabus and apart from that we even give coaching for NEET, CEET, IIT, and more. Shaheen’s Falcon PU College offers an education program that exceeds the expectations of Parents and students in terms of educational quality. We have very spacious classrooms and separate classrooms for girls and boys as per Islamic rules and we even have the best modern laboratories. We have the best qualified and experienced team of lecturers in our Falcon PU college in Bangalore

Shaheen’s Falcon PU College, the Best PU College For NRI In Bangalore’s main aim is to guide our students’ love towards learning, essential skills, interests in sports, and the right attitude towards life and enriching creativity. We encourage our students in developing their inherent strengths, in building their individual personalities, and talents.

Shaheen,this PU College For NRI Facilities is determined in providing the best possible educational experience through teaching and analyzing activities that are required for today’s students and graduates of tomorrow who will be responsible for moving the next generations towards responsible progression in the future. This can possibly be achieved through the strong dedication and commitment of the teachers and management who are helping the students in facing the challenges of the world.

Many students pass out every year successfully from the Shaheen group in a sustained format. The formula behind this is to energize this trend of producing the best-talented students who are consistently unique to Shaheen. The main aim of our college is that we don’t just train our students in scoring marks, we guide them in growing their overall personality development. Our college has the best coaching in the PU syllabus and apart from that we even give coaching for NEET, CET, IIT, and more.

Admission to NRI Courses

1. NRI courses are specially designed courseware that is available to NRI students These courses have the advantage of the expertise of shaheen and have been comprehensively designed so that a student does not face any problem in understanding the concepts.

2. NRI students can avail the advantage of these programs by subscribing to an iTutor course or the study package. There are no scholarships or online tests for admission into these course programs Any NRI aspirant can get this course program by paying the course fee.

3. The course material is segmented into parts on the basis of the syllabus and will be delivered to the students at specific time gaps.

4. This program is excellent for those NRI students who want to crack the tough Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations and get a seat in the elite colleges in India.


1. CBSE + State Board integrated classes

2. Academic rigor, keeping the child’s holistic development in view

3. Highly qualified and experienced faculty

4. Tech-enabled ecosystem, ensuring uninterrupted learning

Shaheen Best PU College for NRI in Bangalore is trying to bring in the core values of learning, teaching, and spreading knowledge in the field of Education and has carved a niche for itself in the field with several scopes of activities for the prosperity of every learner. We follow the curriculum that is prescribed by the Pre-University Education Board up to date for the courses that are abided by and offered by the guidelines in conveying the subject knowledge for a better opportunity.

Visit our official website for more details: https://falconinstitutions.org/