Women’s PU college in Bangalore

Are you searching for a women’s PU college in Bangalore?

There are many colleges in Bangalore that provide education but very few colleges have good facilities for girls. Shaheen PU college is one of the Best PU Colleges for Women in Bangalore and it provides the best facility for women in an Islamic environment and has the best facilities for students and best teachers.

As each and every child of India is built on the foundation of social equality and democracy, even they are entitled to quality education. It is Shaheen’s firm belief that it provides the best guiding light for the students. When the Holy Quran and Sunnah teach us how to lead a spiritually rich life then proper education will help in shaping the student on multiple fonts.

The Shaheen PU College is known as the top Women’s PU college In Bangalore. At shaheen, it’s the combination of these two that works its magic. Shaheen provides one of the best education with regard to different streams is imparted in tandem with tenets of Islam to ensure all overall development of children into socially responsible citizens.

Our Mission

1. Empower women to assume leadership roles in a globalized, rapidly changing, technology-based nation and world.

2. Encourage long-term, future-based, solution-oriented innovative thinking.

3. Emphasize the power of collaboration, harmony, and conflict resolution in the attainment of goals.

4. Promote ethics, human values, and compassion in young minds.

5. Develop critical thinkers and responsible citizens who engage with social, political, and economic issues and seek to make a change for the better.

6. Sustain democratic spaces for creative explorations of young women’s skills, aptitudes, and talents

7. Contribute new perspectives to the world of knowledge in the pursuit of gender-based and other forms of social justice.

8. Enhance access and inclusivity in higher education, including digital access.

9. Provide a holistic context of learning that encourages young women to aspire for success and to take setbacks as significant learning experiences.

Our Vision

The vision of the institution harbors the task of optimizing young women’s intellectual potential by providing them a fine balance of guidance and freedom as well as opportunities to engage with novel learning experiences. The emphasis, as always, shall be on a liberating pedagogy that endows young women with the capacities needed to flourish in a technology-based, evolving, multicultural India. supporting students that come from disadvantaged backgrounds, focusing on students’ needs, and connecting students to the realities of the world they live in, while infusing the traditional with the modern and professionalism with humanism, are at the core of the institution’s vision for the future. Shaheen falcon continues to pursue this vision even in the online mode of classes. The institution remains alert to indications of what the future may bring, such as hybrid education, and prepares to make the best of such possible scenarios.

Student Services

1. Financial Assistance and Scholarships

2. Admission Counselling

3. Cultural Activities

4. Extra ExtraCurricular Activities

5. Co-Curricular Activities

The college is recognized as the Best PU Colleges for Women in Bengaluru, paving the way for a creative and enterprising generation. The pedagogy is engaging and relevant and is designed to broaden perspectives, deepen understanding, enrich awareness, and establish a thought-provoking approach.

The rigorous training and distinctive learning experience prepare students for their future and help them to become well-rounded, meticulous, skilled professionals. It hosts an extensive range of extracurricular activities to sharpen the inherent talents and enhance student life. The students are encouraged to develop leadership skills through participation in a wide array of student-led activities.

Visit our official website: https://falconinstitutions.org/