Shaheen’s Falcon Hostel Sirsi 

Shaheen’s Falcon Hostel Sirsi is for Students who need to create their life meaningful and have an interest in higher style and sensible values. Here, you can stay with like-minded people in a pleasing atmosphere. you can develop emotional balance and thus concentrate more on studies/work as you’ll learn to manage stress better.

Live a healthy lifestyle in a good atmosphere for students. you have got access to spiritual practices, which reduce the anxiety levels and thereby you can channelize energies effectively.

Living with people from numerous backgrounds will offer you a chance to boost communication skills, learn new languages, etc. you can learn to share resources and hence build relationships. you can develop training and teaming skills. It’s an honest platform wherever productive professionals come and talk about life skills.

Living here will help you to imbibe good values and can transform you into a decent person- Shaheen’s Falcon hostel Sirsi

You can live close to your college. The rooms are spacious and clean where you’ll be able to get your ‘own space’ and safety. you can enjoy cost-efficient, hygienic, nutritious and veg and non-veg food certified by food nutrition expect. Regular maintenance, facilities, bills, etc. are managed by professionals.

Facilities- Shaheen’s falcon hostel Sirsi

Shaheen Hostel is designated as per normal specifications and also the normal Format is deployed.

  • Geysers in all bathrooms
  • In-built wardrobes in all rooms
  • Purified drinking water
  • 24-hour water facility
  • Sufficient place to dry clothes
  • Washing Machine To wash Clothes
  • transport facilities college to hostel

Admission To Hostel 

  • Shaheen’s Falcon Hostel Facility is available only for students pursuing a course in Shaheen’s Falcon PU college.
  • Any student who cancels/completes the enrolled course will automatically cease to be a member of the hostel.
  • At the time of admission, the student is required to submit a duly completed Personal Data Form & Medical Record Details.
  • Any change of address/telephone number of the parent / local guardian, at any time, has to be intimated to the hostel office in writing.
  • Parents when enrolling their ward for the hostel should compulsory mention the details of other relatives/guardians who may visit the hostel to meet their admitted ward. No other visitors would be allowed to meet the students.

Hostel Administration

  • Each of shaheen’s Falcon Hostel is supervised by Chief warden and Assistant warden who manage all affairs and functioning of the hostel. 
  • Asst. Director And Managing Director Hold the Final Executive powers on all issues.
  • Four students will be designated as Hostel Representatives who will be the monitors of the hostel.
  • Hostel representative will play a pivotal role in reporting to Chief Warden about Concerns related to student’s inconvenience or problems faced by inmates.
  • Parents should strictly follow the hierarchy in coordination Asst. Director and Managing Director should only be contacted in case of an emergency.