Shaheen's Falcon Group of institutions

Shaheen PU College is one of the best colleges and has PU colleges in Bangalore. Bangalore the “Silicon Valley and the Garden City of India” is the second fastest-growing major metropolis in India. With over 1000 IT companies including more than 150 multinational giants, Bangalore is one the top hi-tech city in the world. Bangalore has been a renowned center of learning, with many famous professional colleges, high schools, colleges, and universities. There are 5000+ Schools & Colleges, 66 Engineering Colleges in the district and 9 Universities. Shaheen PU college is one of the top PU College with a Women’s PU College in Bangalore.
Classrooms with audio-visual facility
Transportation facility provided

Residential Facility offered for JEE Main and NEET students
Total of 140 seats are meant for boys and 40 seats for girls
KCET/ NEET Crackathon .
NEET Long Term
Shaheen Residential Campus,
Shapur gate,Bidar,
Bengaluru - 585401.
Hostel Visiting Hours
Mon - Sat: 5.00pm to 6.00pm
Sunday: 9.00am to 1.00pm | 2.00pm to 6.00pm

Falcon College Bidar

Falcon Pu college bidar, Every student’s journey is exclusive, and that we contemplate it our obligation to confirm you enjoy several opportunities to stretch and grow throughout your time here. to achieve this, we provide a diverse range of programs and services clustered as follows: info, Guidance, Community, and Experiences. Our exceptionally experienced team collaborates with college, staff, students, community partners, and alumni to style and deliver educational programs and services that support you to achieve your goals, thrive in your educational pursuits, develop lasting friendships, and expand your knowledge, skills, and talents. However, our greatest source of pride remains the students and alumni who connect with us years when graduation to apprise us how important their experience at Falcon was, and also the role that we compete in supporting them to pursue their passions and live lives of purpose-Falcon Pu college bidar.


Falcon Pu college bidar, For those students who are interested in rating high marks in NEET, the NEET program offered by Falcon will prove to be extremely helpful. The teachers at the campus are well-educated and have many years of experience within the teaching field. The training offered by the teachers at Shaheen’s Falcon allows students to aim at different entrance exams conducted by private colleges. The teaching atmosphere at  Falcon help students tackle the pressure of competitive examination with ease.